It was through an unwavering desire to praise the Lord that we can credit the beginning of Union Baptist Church.  Over a century ago a little hut stood in the woods not far from where we now sit comfortably every Sunday.  This hut was called a “bush hovel” and it was here that a few faithful Christians, led by Mr. Braxton Chappelle, gathered to worship.

 Chappelle purchased a track of land and built a log church called Chappelle Church on the portion of the land where the church annex now rests.  In 1881, following the death of Mr. Chappelle, a group of deacons and trustees organized and purchased additional land from Mr. W. B. Clary.  With the new land, construction of the church as it appears begun.  Through dedication, hard work and determination of the church deacons…Deacon George Ellis, Deacon Daniel Ellis, Deacon Armistead Jefferson, deacon George Cotton, Deacon James Evans, Deacon Walter Gilchrist and Deacon King S. Fitchett…the church was completed.  The structure that was completed then now serves as the church sanctuary and in July 1881, the Chappelle Church was renamed and dedicated as the Union Baptist Church with Reverend E. E. Royals as the Pastor.

The church structure remined unchanged until 1935.  Summarized below are the more notably additions and changes.

In the 192 years since its origin as Chappelle Church and 139 since its change and dedication as the Union Baptist Church, the Church has undergone its share of changes and bodes a proud history.  As can be seen in the Roll Call of Pastors below, Union Baptist has only been without a Pastor just shy of six years and it has never closed-down. 


                                                                                     ROLL CALL OF PASTORS



has been.  It is also a time to reflect and to use the determination of the past to push us towards the future as we continue to “Stand on God’s Promises with Fervor”.

Rev. E.E. Royal                                                                         1881-1906

Rev. Reid                                                                                     uncertain

Rev. Ben Richardson                                                                   uncertain

Rev. James Keiser                                                                       uncertain

Rev. B. F. Gardner                                                                       uncertain

Rev. M. R. Newsome                                                              1929 -1934

Rev. J. H. Jones                                                                      1935 - 1949

Rev. B. T. Starks                                                                      1949 -1954

Without a Pastor                                                                                1955

Rev. C. C. Dickerson                                                              1956 - 1961

Without a Pastor                                                               6/1961 - 3/1962 

Rev. T. A. Lacy                                                                    3/1962 - 1967

Rev. Joseph Haden                                                                 1967 - 1971 

Rev. Adam Grimes                                                                 1972 - 1978

Rev. Robert Pettis (Acting Pastor)                                          1979 - 1980

Rev. Bernard Chaney                                                              1981 - 1983

 Rev. William O. Greene                                                         1984 - 1994

 Dr. Rev. Robert L Elliott, Jr.                                                  1995 - 2000

Rev. Michael Outen                                                                2003 - 2004

Without a Pastor                                                                      2004 - 2005

Rev. Darryl Jones (Supply Pastor)                                                      2005

Rev. Darryl Jones                                                                    2006 - 2010

Without a Pastor                                                                6/2010 - 7/2012 

Rev. Antonio Meade                                                         8/2012 – 6/2020

Rev. Leroy Evans (Acting Pastor)                                                            7/2020